Let's Explore Windermere, Fl

What's It Like Here

Windermere is a city in Orange County, Florida. Despite being one of the oldest communities in Orange County, it has a very tight population of 3,430 based on the 2019 census. With its many parks, lakes, entertainment hubs, and restaurants, tourism is one of the great influence of Windermere’s unparalleled economic growth.


Real Estate:

  • Median Home Value: $595,000
  • Median Rent: $2,588


  • Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Florida
    34 of 380
  • Best Suburbs to Live in Florida
    37 of 380
  • Suburbs with the Best Public Schools in Florida
    87 of 380







Restaurants, Drinks and More!

Places to Explore in Windermere, Fl

The beautiful city provides each member’s family and their guests with a broad range of activities that make the lifestyle and vacation fun for everyone. There are variety of restaurants, cafe, and entertainment hubs to enjoy. Since it is located on an isthmus (a narrow piece of land in between bodies of water), the city is known for its many lakes. It offers limitless outdoor activities by and in the water.



Coffee and Dessert


Bars and Nightlife


Hotels In The Area

There are no hotels in the city since most residents own their homes, and all others prefer affordable rents. Here are the list of nearby hotels instead.


Explore the Local Parks

  1. Windermere Recreation Center
  2. Fernwood Park
  3. Pines of Windermere
  4. Palmer Park
  5. Town Square Park
  6. Johnson Park

Let's Talk About Education

The Orange County School District

The city is served by several school districts, with Orange County Public Schools District as the most influential one. The city’s education system is well-funded and well-managed, producing high-performing and career-driven individuals. It’s one of the best schools with rates above average.


Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools


Golf Courses in the Area

Worth Checking Out

  1. Beck Brothers Blueberries U-Pick
  2. Windermere Branch Library
  3. Florida Lake Tours