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This bustling community, business, eateries, and upscale shops are perhaps the most well-known spots to live in Orange County.

The city was named after Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneer in the citrus business who in the long run offered the main part of his property to Minute Maid during the 1950s. The property he possessed in southwest Orange County was offered to engineers who fabricated Bay Hill development just as other adjoining networks.

Dr. Phillips has encountered a hazardous development over the most recent 30 years, due generally to the area of two key neighborhood enterprises: defense and the travel industry. Regardless, the Dr. Phillips region has had the option to keep up its great personal satisfaction by convenient updates of the foundation and controlling development.


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Let's Talk About Education

The Orange County School District

Orange County Public Schools is the 9th biggest school area in the United States and the fourth biggest in Florida. The region serves in excess of 206,000 understudies at 202 schools and is probably the biggest manager in Central Florida with in excess of 25,000 colleagues.

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